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We are providing web application and website programming services.

- Are you looking for a web developer?
- Does your current website or application have problems and would you like to get them fixed?

We are Full Stack developers specialized in PHP, MySQL and frameworks such as Laravel and Vue.js. We have many years of experience in programming and web application development for a variety of businesses in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto and Seattle.

We can provide a free estimate after we receive a detailed description of your project. We can have an in-person meeting or online conversation.

What We Do

Development & Programming Services in Vancouver, BC

PHP & MySQL Development in Vancouver

Our developers and specialists are experienced in PHP and MySQL programming. We value the best practices of coding such as,

+ Following the guidelines of frameworks and PHP
+ Keeping functions shorts and simple
+ Commenting

We mastered development!

Our Team of Development

As a group of professionals, our team includes,

  • Database & MySQL Specialists
  • Back-end and PHP Developers
  • Front-end, JavaScript and Vue.js Developers
  • Full-stack Developers
  • Server Experts



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Please feel free to email us a description of your project. We will give you a free estimate.

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Vancouver, BC

Phone: (778) 847-4254

Web: PHPVancouver.ca

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